Is your boiler ready for winter?

Nobody wants to find their boiler has stopped working during the winter. No heating and hot water during the freezing months is definitely not fun!
Making sure your central heating is ready for the winter is an important part of preparing your home ahead of the cold season.
By following our tips below, hopefully you can reduce the chances of being left in the cold this winter.

Turn your heating on now
Most of us have our central heating turned off throughout the warmer months. If you haven’t already, now is a good time to turn your heating back on and check all is working well. Don’t leave it until it is too late by waiting until it is very cold when you really need your heating on the most.

Check your radiators
Turn all your radiators on to maximum and turn your heating on. After 15 minutes, feel all your radiators to check they are all heating up well and all over. If some are cold or you hear any gurgling noises it is likely that a small amount of air has built up in the system. If this happens you need to bleed the radiators to get rid of the air.

Check your boiler pressure
Every boiler has a pressure gauge on the front. This should be checked to make sure the boiler hasn’t lost pressure or is not over pressurised. This will cause the boiler to breakdown and leak. The pressure gauge should always be around 1 bar.

Service your boiler
It is important to get your boiler serviced to check all is working efficiently and safely. Servicing your boiler is a good way of checking it is in a good working condition. It is especially good to do before the colder weather.

Are you ready for the winter now?
Hopefully by looking after your central heating and checking it is working well ahead of time, will mean you are well prepared for the winter.

If you do find you are experiencing any problems or concerns with your heating system or if you would like to book your boiler for a service, then do please get in touch with us at FixLink. We look forward to hearing from you!