Home Service Cover plans – why they might not be the right option for your heating system after all.



As you will no doubt have heard, many of the larger heating companies offer their customers different home care packages, claiming to offer the homeowner peace of mind and protection should things suddenly go wrong with their heating system. Cover offering 24-hour emergency help, boiler servicing and repairs to your central heating system, usually for a monthly or annual fee. At FixLink we come across many customers who have this type of cover and so discuss here why it may not perhaps be the necessary type of cover for you and your home.

Many customers we speak to are paying for this type of cover, yet when it comes to needing the company’s services they are let down and must seek help elsewhere.

A good example of this happening is during the winter when inevitably more problems occur with boilers breaking down. Should this happen the last thing you would want is to wait weeks in a freezing cold home for an engineer to come and fix it, especially if you have paid for cover to prepare for such a situation arising. However, we find this is often what happens, customers are left waiting for weeks for their boilers to be seen to and end up being forced to go elsewhere.

The UK based boiler company; Worcester Bosch, are one of the most popular boilers in the UK. Having a Worcester Bosch boiler installed in your home by a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer means that Worcester Bosch will give a manufacturer’s guarantee of between 10 – 12 years (depending on the boiler model). This means should your boiler suddenly break down or need a part replacing, your boiler will be covered anyway by Worcester Bosch’s guarantee, deeming home care cover for this unnecessary. The only condition Worcester Bosch have is that the boiler is serviced every year.

Mark at FixLink is a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer and is therefore able to give our customers this protection and peace of mind with their boiler installation.

So, whether you already have some sort of home cover plan in place for your boiler, or it is something you have been considering, it is always best to do your homework before deciding.

As always, we are always happy to help with any questions you may have, so do get in touch!