Electric Boilers – why they might be the right type of boiler for you.

Electric boilers are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative method of heating homes and providing hot water. They can be installed in most small or medium sized homes to produce enough hot water for baths and showers as well as heating your home.

Electric boilers can be the perfect solution for homes with no access to mains gas supplies and they are an ideal alternative to using oil and LPG.

An electric boiler iThere is also no need to worry about carbon monoxide fumes produced by gas boilers.

An electric boiler works in a similar way to a kettle. The boiler is connected to the mains electricity supply, the heating element inside the boiler heats the cold water and this hot water is then pumped to the radiators, taps or shower.

Electric boilers are generally suitable for smaller systems with a low hot water demand, such as smaller properties and flats however they are not suitable for larger homes. They also have the added advantage of a flexible installation. Unlike a gas or oil boiler, an electric boiler has the benefit of being able to be installed in a variety of locations throughout your property. They do not require a flue so there is no need for them to be placed on an outside wall.

Electric boilers also benefit from requiring less maintenance once installed. They run quietly and are also compact in size, so great for small spaces.

As well as being Gas Safe Registered, FixLink is also a proud member of the NICEIC Domestic Installer Scheme. Through our heating expertise, FixLink can offer unparalleled service and installation of domestic Electric Boilers.

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